About us

About us

About Light Vision

Brand «Light Vision» is a leader in sales among manufacturers of high quality equipment for video surveillance systems in many regions of Ukraine.

«Light Vision» was founded in 2006, and immediately take a stand on the Ukrainian market, secured the title of the brand you can trust.

As we have been successful?

Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of our products, increase its efficiency, to select leading-edge solutions to implement new technologies. That is why we have set high standards in order to achieve the desired result.

We enable our customers to select only high-quality and proven products. «Light Vision» - brand great opportunities at an affordable price. One of the main objectives is the study and prediction of the needs of our customer to use our knowledge and resources to carry out tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Price and quality have long been integral elements when choosing a product. We have a great responsibility to the buyer for our products, and this obliges us to continuously work towards an improved product at a clear price. A wide range of «Light Vision» allows each customer to choose a product with the desired characteristics, the price of which includes all of the requirements for the implementation of tasks.