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High-quality CCTV camera Kiev buy

We offer you a wide range of cameras such as outdoor CCTV and video surveillance for the premises. You can test and buy any camera in our office, which is located in Kiev. Light Vision company always operates only by universal solutions and manufactures video cameras with MHD (multi high definition) format, which is a camera that can switch between main video formats: HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and analog signal format.

We provide a wide range of monofocal and varifocal cameras for outdoor CCTV as well as video surveillance for the premises. You can contact our specialists, who professionally help you to choose the model of camera, which will fully meet your requirements and goals.
Our camcorder are chosen for installing in our huge offices, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, parking lots and even to provide reliable video surveillance in a house or apartment.

Which CCTV cameras are we ready to offer?

Video cameras for outdoor installation are cameras which are equipped with waterproof and shockproof case, high-quality optics and powerful IR illumination for excellent night surveillance. Besides for indoor installation cameras in body of reinforced plastic are set on the near inspection area, which are very easy to install and operate.

MHD video format - a huge potential for your video surveillance system!

All of them have a qualitative matrix MHD format. Format 4 in 1, which can work in all major video transmission protocols, such as HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and CVBS. It gives our cameras a huge advantage among counterparts in the video surveillance market. As you no longer have to convert all your CCTV to a newer and better format, you just need to switch it up by a simple click - and you are the owner of a new surveillance technology.

In order to see the CCTV cameras of Light Vision, visit us in our office, which is situated in Kiev 

The internal video camera designed for use in enclosed areas. They are sensitive to external shocks, temperature changes, natural phenomena (rain, snow).

To maintain round the clock monitoring of the street part of the object using camera surveillance. These devices are more resistant to external influences (temperature drop, moisture, dust).

Video Accessories photo

Video surveillance - not only with the camera lens. This is the set of devices that are indispensable in the construction of a video surveillance system.