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Dome VLC-3192DFM is created for the qualitative organization of video surveillance system in premises. Camcorder VLC-3192DFM is an indispensable component in your security system.

This uniqueness is ensured by the existence of varifocal lens, excellent IR illuminatio, and matrix of modern MHD type. This model is one of the camcorder Light Vision company's line of MHD standard which can work with any DVRs manufacturers CVBS, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD. Joystick mode switching is performed by OSD menu.

The lens is F = 2.8-12 mm, which ensures adjustment of viewing angle on-site CCTV installation. IR illumination camera is excellent, its distance - 20 meters, which guarantees full visibility at night. This dome is simply designed for effective video surveillance in any premises.