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VLC - 1192WM

Outdoor camcorder VLC-1192WM is a durable model with excellent video quality and multi-functional bracket. This security video camera offers very durable, fully sealed case, which is able to operate in rainy or dusty environment. It makes possible to place a video surveillance system in various strategic points. This model is one of the camcorder Light Vision company's line of standard MHD which can work with any DVRs manufacturers CVBS, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD.

Joystick mode switching is performed by OSD menu. Outdoor vandal camcorder VLC-1192WT-N has advanced bracket structure that will make it possible to expand the review of all available axes and trajectories and you get a good functionality of your video surveillance system. Using this camcorder in building your security system, you will not have to worry, because its construction is perfectly designed for long-life and troubleproof operation.